My name is Kirstie Shanley and I am a photographer based in Chicago. I am primarily interested in photography based in music, theater, and portraits. My main objective as a photographer is to capture elements of life and humanity in every project I take. I especially enjoy the human form and the art of facial expression and gesture. I choose not to put my full name directly on any of these photos because I do not wish to ruin the images themselves. However, please do not use them without permission and credit me with my full name. I can be contacted regarding use of low or high res images as well as potential projects via the following email address:

kirstiecat AT gmail

More of my work can be viewed @ flickr

I use the following equipment:
EF f/2.8 70-200mm with IS Canon lens (sometimes w/ the 2x extender)
EFS f/4-5.6 17-85mm with IS Canon lens
EF f/4-5.6 70-300mm with IS Canon lens
EF f/1.8 50 mm Canon lens
EF f/2.8 15mm Canon fisheye lens